Atal Setu Bridge

Fluid and Power Automation LLP illuminates Atal Setu, Goa’s newest bridge.

Atal Setu, Goa’s third Mandovi bridge is finally up and running and it is a sight to behold. Thanks to the excellent illumination job done by our team at Fluid and Power Automation LLP, this bridge is a standing testimony to that fact.

Fluid and Power Automation LLP is a Goan company based out of Taleigao that has been in existence for over two decades. We’ve handled a number of infrastructure projects all over the state in internal wiring, underground cabling, transmission lines, water pumps, illumination, and substations. In fact, you could say we’re a complete service provider in the infrastructure business having provided turnkey solutions and electrification that usually caters to hotels, hospitals, malls, villas, bridges, power stations, and installations of gensets and transformers.

We have worked on projects pertaining to notable landmarks such as the Boca de Vaca spring, the Rose Garden and the Utility monopoles among others. However, our most talked about endeavor has been the illumination, with signature light fixtures, of Atal Setu, better known as the third Mandovi Bridge.

Atal Setu is a 5.1 kilometer long, cable-stayed bridge that spans the Mandovi river, connecting Panjim and Porvorim. This is the third longest cable-stayed bridge in India and stands 30 meters above the river’s surface. This four-lane bridge has been specifically designed to cope with the increasing traffic woes faced by commuters between North Goa and South Goa. Additionally, it is supposed to reduce travel time for interstate buses to move between Goa’s main towns.

We’ve worked hard on this particular project to ensure that it is aesthetically pleasing with all the LED lighting visible on the bridge over the last week since it was officially inaugurated.

Here are a few facts about the materials used in the illumination of Atal Setu.

  • All the fixtures that have been used on its facade are IP66 and IK08 compliant which makes them dustproof, waterproof along with the ability to withstand strong impact.
  • The illumination on Atal Setu’s facade has been made possible due to the use of special LED emitting lights that operate in a linear motion, making color transitions happen smoothly.
  • Every fixture comes with its own pre-installed driver making it easy to install or service each unit.
  • The RGB fixtures on the ropes, top and bottom pylons and the sides are controlled from one central DMX controller in order to ensure that the synchronization of the lighting happens properly. The electrical components in this controller come from top quality European brands, designed to give nothing but superlative service.
  • Once all the systems are in place, it will be easy to control all the illumination from one central location. It’s also important to understand that we’ve used LED streetlights with a strength of 120 watts that are designed to achieve AVG 40 lux with 100000 burning hours.

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