Using technology for a greener & brighter tomorrow

Still exploring your energy needs and options? Here are a few habits to help you create an energy-saving & environmental friendly surrounding!

In view of the Earth Day celebrated this 22nd of April, we put forth in brief, forms of sustainable lighting and other methodologies that you can incorporate for a greener and brighter tomorrow.

The ‘Already Known’ Habits

The easiest of all ways is to switch off lights to create an energy-saving surrounding but it’s surprising how often lights are kept on, even when no one is in the lit area. Taking the industry or workplace scenario, for instance, this problem is compounded when employees go in and out of various buildings and work areas, as they go about their duties. A workaround for this would be to incorporate automated lighting systems that make adjustments based on the room’s occupancy or daylight availability. One can also install motion sensors and outdoor sensor lights, rather than leave an outside security light permanently on.

The ‘Should be Practised’ Habits

The other alternatives to saving energy would be to:

  • Change to energy efficient light bulbs such as Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
  • Install “adjustable lighting” where lighting can be manually regulated depending on the brightness you need.
  • Encourage all staff to turn off lights in areas that are not in use; Seems simple, but definitely worth mentioning.
  • Take advantage of natural lighting by opening blinds in the morning and allow the sunlight to benefit you

The ‘We Could Follow’ Habits

Depending on the appliances used in the workplace, you can optimize their settings to increase energy savings. For example, you can increase the temperature of the fridge in the kitchen by one or two degrees to save energy without it affecting the employees or the business.

The Conclusion

The little things matter and by making small changes to your facility’s lighting, air conditioning usage and switching off equipment when not in use, you can make a big difference to your yearly energy consumption and create an ideal energy-saving environment.  There is always room for conservation improvements for everyone, no matter who or where you come from. So start thinking smart and take small steps to conserve energy.
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